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During these uncertain times, in the midst of global pandemic, we have been inspired by the humanity that has been demonstrated by so many. At Nochumson P.C., we too are doing everything we can to help and support the community at large.

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Legal Assistance During Covid-19

Real Estate

Our experienced attorneys can advise on all federal, state and municipal legislation regarding real estate matters, including renter assistance programs, small landlord loans and rules for real estate transactions.

Land Use & Zoning

We have helped our clients that have been affected during the pandemic regarding zoning laws in the Philadelphia area, including Act 15 which permits virtual public hearings and meetings, deadline suspensions and amended approval process and Right-To-Know inquiries.


Learn more about how litigation is affected by the current pandemic and what you need know about contract disputes, insurance claims and more.

Business Counseling

We have the insight and understanding that your small business needs related to PPP loan guidance, employment issues and tips for survival.

Axe Philly Co-Founders Andrew Yeager & Tyler Small


As a real estate development company, we were especially grateful to be one of Alan's clients when the pandemic hit, completely halting construction and real estate sales in the city. Our income vanished when the city shut down so we applied for the Paycheck Protection Program through our bank. Without Alan's help or resources we very easily could have been left spinning in circles and missed out on that funding at a crucial time. Alan and his team always get creative and go the extra mile to look out for their clients. 

~ Tyler Small & Andrew Yeager of Axe Holdings LLC

We Are Here To Help.

Nochumson P.C. is wholeheartedly committed to supporting the business community at large throughout the current Covid-19 crisis and beyond. If you require assistance with any legal matter as a result of the pandemic, we are offering consultations at no cost. We look forward to helping you and your business.



How Can We Help You?

With almost 75 years of combined legal experience, we not only know the law, we know how it will directly impact your personal and business lives.


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